English Translation at the Edgar Co-op: The A-Team Experience

14 April 2022

By Edgar


Elizabeth Birdsall Hello there! Now that Edgar Inc. has become the member-owned Edgar Co-op, we thought it might be interesting to write a few blog posts about what a workday looks like for the translators, revisers and other employees who make up the Co-op. I’m a French-to-English translator in the English division (or the A-Team, … Read more

The Edgar Co-op welcomes new executive director Pascal Brulotte

14 December 2021

Category: News

As Edgar undergoes a major transformation, the organization is getting a shot of new blood: Former president Mathieu Foltz is leaving, and new executive director Pascal Brulotte is taking the helm of the newly formed Edgar Co-op. Pascal is a seasoned administrator with a passion for the social economy. He has 20 years of experience … Read more

Edgar transitions to a co-operative

9 December 2021

Category: News

Québec City, December 9, 2021 – The Edgar translation firm, renowned throughout Quebec for its commitment to quality, announced today that it is becoming a worker co-operative following the collective purchase of the business by its employees. From its humble beginnings in 2006 in an apartment on Grande-Allée in Québec City, Edgar has grown to fill … Read more

One Perspective of the Moment

17 June 2020

By Edgar


Elizabeth Birdsall As an Edgar employee from the US, with a close view of what’s happening there, I was asked if I’d be willing to write a blog post with my perspective on recent events. After some thought, I agreed. That said, I want to make it very clear that this is just my individual … Read more

Eating Your Way to a New Culture

28 April 2020

By Caeli


Sure, I speak a little Italian: spaghetti, rigatoni, tortellini… Okay, I know what you’re thinking, those words entered the English language a long time ago, so I can hardly say I’m speaking Italian. But the fact that these Italian words—and more specifically, these Italian foods—have become so commonplace for the average Anglophone necessarily means we … Read more

Cabin Mode Activated for the Edgar Crew

15 November 2018

Category: News

There’s no doubt about it: Edgaristas are some of the most motivated creatures around. Who else would be willing to get to the office before daybreak on a Saturday and hop on a yellow school bus? And to think that not a single person was late! The fifth edition of Edgar’s training day* was held … Read more

On Both Sides of the Mirror

14 November 2018

Category: News

Here at Edgar, almost everyone works with both English and French on a daily basis. But to say we use each language the same way isn’t quite accurate. Our English-to-French translators spend most of their time reading in English and writing in French, whereas French-to-English translators do the opposite. So what happens when we step … Read more

The afternoon slump: A thing of the past!

8 November 2018

Category: News

Manu Volaco It’s almost four in the afternoon, we’re three training sessions in, and people are starting to feel tired, a bit scatterbrained and verging on all socialized out (or maybe I’m just projecting). G. and Lindsay—members of the A-Team, Edgar’s Anglophone squad—are all smiles as about twelve of us trickle in and take our … Read more

Caeli Martineau

22 October 2018

By Edgar

Category: Bloggers

Growing up as one of the only Anglophones in a series of Francophone schools on the North Shore of Montréal, Caeli was destined to become a translator, or at least, that’s what everyone always told her. It wasn’t until her quarter-life crisis, when she chewed over what career path to follow, that she finally decided … Read more