The Edgar Co-op welcomes new executive director Pascal Brulotte

14 December 2021

By Edgar

Category: News

As Edgar undergoes a major transformation, the organization is getting a shot of new blood: Former president Mathieu Foltz is leaving, and new executive director Pascal Brulotte is taking the helm of the newly formed Edgar Co-op.

Pascal is a seasoned administrator with a passion for the social economy. He has 20 years of experience in executive positions under his belt, the past 11 of which were spent as executive director for Patro de Lévis.

His resolutely horizontal management style has earned Pascal the respect of his peers, as have his leadership skills and his creative, innovative approaches. His main motivation is to empower the members of his team and rally them around shared goals to support the organization’s vision and needs.

Pascal has a deep understanding of both operations and governance principles, thanks to his experience starting and running multiple organizations and working on political commissions and panels, including stints as president and vice-president of a co‑operative and several non-profit organizations. Since fall 2021, he has served as the vice-president of the Chambre de commerce de Lévis board of directors.

After ten years at the Lévis Office municipal d’habitation, he moved with his family to northern Quebec to work for a rehabilitation centre for Inuit youth for a year and a half. He joined the ranks at Edgar in August 2021 to find his bearings in the translation industry and actively support the launch of the co-op. He makes no effort to conceal his excitement:

“Every single day, I feel privileged to be part of this team and work with such amazing people, incredible language professionals and inspiring leaders. I’ve heard the pride in people’s voices when they talk about being one of us, and I now understand why!

“We will be working together to build this project. I am incredibly excited about the co-op, and it’s such a great opportunity to inspire a whole generation of entrepreneurs and new business owners and tell them that ‘together, we can make this entrepreneurial dream come true, even if it’s not one you’d try all by yourself.’ “I really feel alive in this company. I’m getting to know the team, and I’m also getting to humbly share with them my background, my strengths and accomplishments. Now that I’ve met all of my team members, I see in each of them the talent and the skills that will help us get over each hump and each challenge. As I always say, focus on becoming the best version of yourself today, and not on being better than someone else.

“The time has come to set off on this adventure. We have a solid organization and a skilled, experienced team, so the sky is the limit for us!”