Agnès Perrot

20 July 2018

By Edgar

Category: Bloggers

A Breton among the Quebecois, Agnès was raised on a diet of crepes and Far Breton in Pommerit-Jaudy, surrounded by sheep, pigs, chickens and cats. With brothers and a sister who were too old to play with her, she spent most of her time in the attic, devouring book after book.

One night in her high school years, she had a dream that Madonna had suddenly died and awoke with the feeling that it would really be a shame to not have known any of her songs. Soon after, while on a school trip to Germany, she found a copy of The Immaculate Collection in a second-hand shop, and that was that. She printed out the lyrics and began deciphering them, looking up the words she didn’t know in the dictionary. She learned every song in Evita by heart. And it was thus that a love for the English language was born (interestingly, a love for the French language would develop only many years later).

Agnès decided to study English with the idea that she would be a teacher (although without great conviction, because the thing about being a teacher is the students…). But one day at school, she translated an excerpt of Mrs. Dalloway and realized she had found what she wanted to do: translate.

She followed her studies in English with a master’s in translation. For her final internship, she bid adieu to Brittany and said bonjour to Quebec. It would be the start of a great love story.

Agnès joined Edgar in September 2016, where she translates primarily administrative texts and still has a weakness for anything literary.

When not translating, she can be found eating sushi and watching (okay, re‑watching) Friends.