Cabin Mode Activated for the Edgar Crew

15 November 2018

By Edgar

Category: News

There’s no doubt about it: Edgaristas are some of the most motivated creatures around.

Who else would be willing to get to the office before daybreak on a Saturday and hop on a yellow school bus?

And to think that not a single person was late!

The fifth edition of Edgar’s training day* was held at the ever-welcoming Chalets La Sainte Paix, in Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac, Mauricie. The warm autumn sun, the colourful leaves, the river… everything was spectacular.

Also spectacular was the buffet. An abundance of crepes, fruits and other breakfast fare awaited Edgaristas, who arrived sporting bright smiles and comfortable clothes.** (Tea and coffee also flowed freely.)

The following meals were no less gargantuan. On the menu were gourmet sandwiches and salads, burgers and trimmings, as well as wholesome snacks. And it would be a crime not to mention Gabrielle Lallier’s scrumptious muffins and the equally delicious pouding chômeur prepared by our very own CEO.

As always, Edgaristas filled their bellies with delicious food—and their brains with new, exciting information.

Although the day’s jam-packed program may have caused a terrible case of FOMO at first, all anxiety soon melted away with a vigorous brain massage from each of the activities.

L’œil du client [French only]
François Lavallée

Traduction de contrats : quelques éléments [French only]
François Champagne

Conjuguer traduction et services-conseils [French only]
Laurent Lavallée and Sophie Martineau

Des deux côtés du miroir
Aurélie Burelle and Aimee Wall


De la traduction raisonnée à la traduction augmentée [French only]
Renée Desjardins

Traduction technique et TAO : deux parcours, mille réflexions [French only]
Claude Bédard

Traduel [French only]
Caroline Tremblay v. François Lavallée


Les macros, ça mord pas – Trucs et astuces informatiques pour gagner en efficacité [French only]
Geneviève Savard

Energy levels (or strategies to get through that afternoon slump!)
G. and Lindsay Bach

Le travail de bureau : mieux le comprendre pour mieux le transformer [French only]
Roxane Vallée

Thank you to this year’s external trainers: Renée Desjardins (associate professor at Université de Saint-Boniface), Claude Bédard (author of La traduction technique, principes et pratique), Caroline Tremblay (translator and editor at Hermes Translation and instructor at Université Laval) and Roxane Vallée (ergonomist and kinesiologist).

The day wrapped up with the already classic dubbing contest. This time, Edgaristas had a go at a clip from Rick and Morty. Ah, the absolutely incredible things that can happen when translators let loose. Marie-Michèle Rivest ultimately came out on top with a whimsical Franco-Ontarian adaptation.

On the bus back to Québec, the training sessions still provided conversation fodder, against the backdrop of Michel’s fiery harmonica playing. Meanwhile, on the way to Montréal, bus driver Monsieur Alain*** was a regular Steve Harvey, treating passengers to a stream of Canadian and Quebec history trivia.

Edgaristas definitely have a considerable amount of motivation, and then some.


* A Mathieu Foltz initiative, Edgar’s first training day took place in 2012. It has been an almost annual tradition since.

** New this year was an ugly sweater contest, which Sophie won hands down.

*** He also threw in a few jokes. One in particular drew on both wordplay and a palindrome:

– Un kayak à l’envers, ça fait quoi?
– [all together] KAYAK!
– Non, ça fait glouglou!