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The Edgar Co-op welcomes new executive director Pascal Brulotte

14 December 2021

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As Edgar undergoes a major transformation, the organization is getting a shot of new blood: Former president Mathieu Foltz is leaving, and new executive director Pascal Brulotte is taking the helm of the newly formed Edgar Co-op. Pascal is a seasoned administrator with a passion for the social economy. He has 20 years of experience … Read more

Edgar transitions to a co-operative

9 December 2021

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Québec City, December 9, 2021 – The Edgar translation firm, renowned throughout Quebec for its commitment to quality, announced today that it is becoming a worker co-operative following the collective purchase of the business by its employees. From its humble beginnings in 2006 in an apartment on Grande-Allée in Québec City, Edgar has grown to fill … Read more

Cabin Mode Activated for the Edgar Crew

15 November 2018

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There’s no doubt about it: Edgaristas are some of the most motivated creatures around. Who else would be willing to get to the office before daybreak on a Saturday and hop on a yellow school bus? And to think that not a single person was late! The fifth edition of Edgar’s training day* was held … Read more

On Both Sides of the Mirror

14 November 2018

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Here at Edgar, almost everyone works with both English and French on a daily basis. But to say we use each language the same way isn’t quite accurate. Our English-to-French translators spend most of their time reading in English and writing in French, whereas French-to-English translators do the opposite. So what happens when we step … Read more

The afternoon slump: A thing of the past!

8 November 2018

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Manu Volaco It’s almost four in the afternoon, we’re three training sessions in, and people are starting to feel tired, a bit scatterbrained and verging on all socialized out (or maybe I’m just projecting). G. and Lindsay—members of the A-Team, Edgar’s Anglophone squad—are all smiles as about twelve of us trickle in and take our … Read more

Letter to a future Edgarista

26 September 2017

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Dear candidate, At Edgar, hiring is serious business. We’re looking for people with both savoir faire AND a certain je ne sais quoi to translate with us. That’s why we set up a rigorous selection process, which begins with a screening test. If you’re one of the chosen few who make it past that step, … Read more

What happens at the cabin…

10 July 2017

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By Philippe Audet-Cayer No one could’ve foreseen what would happen in Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac on May 6, 2017. It all began when we woke up far too early to a far too rainy Saturday morning. The school bus ride and muddy roads were a bad sign, but freshly made coffee and the joy of reuniting with friends … Read more

Veganism 101 with A. and G.

28 June 2017

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At the close of a full day of conferences and workshops on different aspects of our work as translators, we gathered on the main floor of the chalet to shift our focus to another shared passion: food! A. and G., both fellow translators at Edgar, emerged from behind towering stacks of glossy cookbooks to lead … Read more

I’ve looked at texts from both sides now…

19 June 2017

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By Savannah Goyette I wasn’t totally sure what to expect as I climbed the spiralling, narrow steps up to the second floor of the chalet. It was Edgar’s annual training day out in Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac, and I was on my way to my first workshop, not just of the day, but as an Edgarista: Des deux … Read more

The season of Edgar

24 October 2016

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Edgar’s annual meeting was held on Friday, September 9. Its story is told here in a series of evocative haiku. Edgar is aware that, when haikus were invented in 1707 by bored Italian settlers travelling to Mons Maraldi, they were especially never meant to be used in rapid-fire form like this, but please bear with … Read more