Geneviève Hudon

20 July 2018

By Edgar

Category: Bloggers

Born of an improbable meeting of northerners—one from Ontario and the other from Quebec—who’d settled at the midway point between their respective homes, Geneviève grew up on the banks of the Ottawa River, equidistant from the federal capital and the Quebec border. It was a childhood spent moving between two points on the 48th parallel—Elliot Lake and Lac Saint-Jean—and being told by relatives on all sides that she had an accent. A life of dualities was therefore predestined for this Franco-Ontarian with different languages on either side of the family tree.

Tired of not knowing whether “apartment” should have one “p” or two and wondering if she should resign herself to a lifetime of asking if someone could “close the lights,” she decided to make sense, and make use, of the two languages mixing and mingling all around her—she enrolled at the University of Ottawa to study translation. Later she would trade in Côte-de-Sable for Côte-des-Neiges to get a master’s at Université de Montréal. And it was in that same city that, in 2016, she met a certain Edgar, the antithesis of a false friend, and probably the only Montréaler that refrained from judging her when, even after several years in the city, she continued to patiently wait for the light to turn green before crossing the road.

Geneviève likes Red Champagne, black squirrels and the sound of skates carving on ice. Her ability to turn a catchy marketing phrase is matched only by her ability to turn (and twirl, and toss!) a hula hoop.