The afternoon slump: A thing of the past!

8 November 2018

By Edgar

Category: News

Manu Volaco

It’s almost four in the afternoon, we’re three training sessions in, and people are starting to feel tired, a bit scatterbrained and verging on all socialized out (or maybe I’m just projecting). G. and Lindsay—members of the A-Team, Edgar’s Anglophone squad—are all smiles as about twelve of us trickle in and take our seats for the last session of the day, in the bedroom-turned-training room upstairs. We’re a chair short, so one of us sits on the bed, comfortably snuggling up with a pillow. This session is called Energy Levels (Or Strategies to Get Through That Afternoon Slump!), and the timing couldn’t be more appropriate.

Lindsay opens with a breathing activity. Circular breathing, but not the wind instrument kind. She casually mentions that she is a certified yoga instructor, and it makes perfect sense: her calm, soothing voice leads us in a deeply satisfying breathing exercise. So simple, and yet so delightful.

Now that we’re all relaxed and clear-headed, G. kicks in with his high-energy mix of just the right amount of smart and silly. We’re treated to anecdotes about his life, a terrible videogame pun, and a heaping dose of charisma.

And then they break out the PowerPoint. I’m just going to leave this here, to give you an idea of the kind of PowerPoint we’re talking about:

This image appeared on a slide titled “Feeling swamped?”

The atmosphere was so relaxed and inviting that next thing we knew, the presentation had quickly turned into one big brainstorming session. Having trouble focusing? Eliminate distractions, listen to music (or put on some noise-cancelling headphones, whatever floats your easily distracted boat). Running on fumes? Load up on healthy snacks, chew some gum, reward yourself after a particularly gruelling task. Procrastinating? De-clutter your surroundings, get up and moving, put together a to-do list and treat yourself to the satisfaction of crossing off even the smallest of achievements. You’ve earned this! You’ve got this!

And on and on we went, taking suggestions from Lindsay and G. and running with them, peppering each other with ideas for staying focused throughout the day. (What felt like) all of a sudden, we were out of time. While some of us started making our way downstairs for dinner, some of us stayed back and continued picking each other’s brains for tips and strategies, all of us chatting animatedly, our batteries recharged and our brains loaded with useful information. Afternoon slump? What afternoon slump?   

PS: Lindsay, we can’t wait for your breathing app to come out!


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