The Edgar blog

Edgar is a translation firm; that much is clear.
And what is a translation firm if not a congregation of people who love words?

Every day, our translators use the words of their own language to convey the ideas of others.

But sometimes, they feel called to express their own thoughts and flex some of the language muscles they don’t get to use in a regular work day.

This blog is a collection of pieces written by Edgar’s translators and other wordsmiths who have taken to heart the words of Duras: “Writing is trying to find out what you would write if you wrote.”

Cris du cœur, serious (and not-so-serious) articles on language, travelogues, poetic explorations, childhood memories, short stories, philosophical musings—no matter their form, these pieces provide a glimpse into the minds of the translators who dare to step into the spotlight rather than remain safely hidden in the shadows of the writers whose words they translate every day.

Ideas and words: that is what the Edgar blog is all about.