Edgar likes people who love words.

Are you a talented, passionate wordsmith who wants to work on a range of different texts for different clients? Looking for teamwork with people who share your devotion to high-quality work? We'd love to hear from you!

Edgar is looking for
first-rate recent graduates
and experienced candidates.

Working with Edgar means having access to a stimulating, dynamic workplace with many opportunities for your involvement. Quality is our promise to our clients, but it's much more than that-it's our number one priority and internal criterion for advancement. With Edgar, career paths are determined by merit, not seniority. You'll learn about our clients quickly, as you will be responsible for your texts. This means that you will receive reviser comments and changes, and be responsible for approving and integrating them into the final version. Our revisers work hard to include helpful explanations and tips so that you understand the rationale behind changes, and discussion and debate are always encouraged—try suggesting a term or style improvement to your reviser—all in the name of producing the best possible work.

In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, Edgar employees also receive in-house training and guidance, especially during those first few weeks on the job. Edgar has flourished because of its employees' innovative ideas: we want to hear your suggestions, whether it's for a book club or an innovative work method.

Please note that all candidates must take our mandatory translation test—are you among the 10% who pass?

Only passionate wordsmiths
need apply!

Send your resumé and cover letter to




  • Produce accurate, idiomatic translations tailored to the recipient
  • Use the client’s terminology and follow the specific instructions for each project
  • Use the work tools adequately
  • Perform terminological research and record the results in the translation memory
  • Ensure that the presentation and layout are impeccable
  • Organize work so as to meet deadlines
  • Undertake professional development through the company’s ongoing training program
  • Perform any other related tasks

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in translation (ideally)
  • Passing grade on the screening test
  • Excellent knowledge of French and English
  • Strong knowledge of computer tools, particularly Microsoft Office
  • Ability to adapt and to work with different types of texts
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Attention to detail, rigour, and a great deal of talent!