There's translation, and then there's  translation à la Edgar.

We are unusual in many ways—many good ways. For starters, you can always reach our bilingual coordination staff on the phone or by email to discuss your project. If you request a quote by email, we will contact you within the hour.

At the other end of the process, we also routinely integrate your feedback into our work—it's one of the many ways we ensure that we live up to our promise of good old-fashioned customer service.

In addition, Edgar has invested in innovative practices to ensure we deliver high-quality work.

Our five-step translation process is rigorous, thorough and based on strict quality control and quality assurance measures developed and monitored by a multi-disciplinary team.

We believe that in order to ensure consistently high quality, we must continue to develop and train our people.

As only the top 10% of translators pass our stringent entrance exams, our keen-minded in-house staff needs ongoing challenges and training to flourish.

That's why we have developed an in-house training program run by our vice-president of training and quality, François Lavallée, a translation instructor at Université Laval and founder of Magistrad, an organization that provides professional training for established translators. The best and the brightest are drawn to Edgar because of our high standards and emphasis on training. Just like in academia, top-notch performers seek stimulating, challenging work environments. We work hard to earn the commitment of our very talented staff.

We also have exceptional capacity. Edgar's team is composed of more than 60 experienced translators and revisers with a vast range of experience. With our cutting-edge project management software and full-time bilingual coordination team available to you at any time, we produce excellent work efficiently.

In short, Edgar believes in  translation the way it should be.