Translation à la Edgar is translation as it should be.

Edgar believes that translation is both an art and a craft—and we only hire in-house translators and revisers who passionately agree. Our people have raucous lunchtime debates over the mot juste and weekly quality assurance meetings. In short, we take translation quality very, very seriously.

Edgar's mission is unwavering: consistently deliver excellent translations and customer service.

We follow a rigorous five-step translation process, hire only the best of the best (only 10% of translators pass Edgar's entrance exams), and provide high-quality internal training.

Our impressive team of more than 60 translators has exceptional capacity. With our web-based project management software and full-time bilingual coordination team available to you at any time, we produce excellent work efficiently.

Edgar specializes in the translation, comparative revision, proofreading and copywriting of French and English texts. We also provide these services for Spanish and other languages upon request. Edgar's translators and revisers love to roll up their sleeves and dig into texts from a range of fields, such as marketing, corporate communications, law, health care, education and technical translation.

No matter what kind of work you need done, Edgar delivers—with style.